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Posted by tomatoesleaf on 2004.12.16 at 17:17
Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: dazed and confused in my head
its 5:20 and i just got back from the mall and krispy kreme w/halley and emily :) it was so fun and so yummy and so sickly. 3WHOLE DONUTS! i am so stuffed. its so late though, i have so much studying to do tonight, must get to it! have a wonderful thursday everyone... AND EAT MORE PICKLES!

the last unicorn
Posted by raunchey_racoon on 2004.11.16 at 16:20
hello this is my very first entry for the pickle joural. I love pickles muy mucho

Posted by tomatoesleaf on 2004.10.24 at 15:57
hmm.... maybe i'll have a pickle party.. :)

Posted by tomatoesleaf on 2004.10.18 at 20:56
i havent had a pickle in soooooooo long. i want one


pickle deprivation

Posted by ceilidh_girl on 2004.09.26 at 14:55
Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: the killers – "mr. bright side" (in my head)
pickle pickle pickle
i had a chick fil a sandwich from a little cart thingy at awa and it didn't have pickles :(
my boyfriend doesn't like pickles so he was happy.
but i was very sad
but it was ok
because i am generally a happy and optimistic person.

Posted by tomatoesleaf on 2004.09.19 at 17:47
Current Mood: blahblah
yucky healthy casodias. damit, i forgot what i was going to write. well anyways..go pickles!



Posted by yourcoldfeet on 2004.09.17 at 00:35
Current Mood: crazy:0
so one day i was walking into the bar, and wala, a pickle apeared.


Pickle Poem

Posted by banana_anna_7 on 2004.09.08 at 22:21
Pickles are crunch crunch.
What more to say?
Green, brown, shirvled,
Ew! Don't pass them my way!

A plate heaped high
A slimy six or more
Whoops--hold--got that?
One falls to the floor.

It slips and slides on the gray grimy grout.
He is run running out the door.
We all rubber-necked.
Oh! How he soars!

We all sit in silence looking down at our plate
A quite murmer
as we observe our
pickles, 'taters and dates

There is no more pickle passing.
They're sitting right there.
And for the boy's sake,
Eating pickles isn't fair!


the pickle song

Posted by tomatoesleaf on 2004.09.04 at 10:00
Current Mood: amusedamused
pickles are yummy
pickles are sweet
i love me pickles
theyre my very favorite treat!

Posted by yourcoldfeet on 2004.09.04 at 09:52
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: break a leg(lol)
i think everyone should write a song about pickles and post it(anna i know your a good song writer.)

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