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Electric Pickle!!!

Posted by ceilidh_girl on 2006.05.02 at 00:19
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So last week in chemistry was the day of the amazing electric pickle. Even my teacher seemed a bit scared of what he was doing so i wouldn't really suggest trying this at home...... or if you do dont blame me if something goes wrong. but anyways it was pretty crazy. he has this electrical wire that he split into the two wires and attached a metal spike on the end of each. he then stuck one spike into each end of the pickle, making sure the tips had some distance between them within the pickle, and then he turned off the lights and plugged the cord in. one side lit up with an orange glow and then the other, alternating back and forth with an electrical sounding buzz. pfzzt pfzzt pfzzt. it was so cool. he turned it off fairly soon just to be safe. some of us ate the bits of the pickle that werent touching metal. some of it tasted normal and some of it tasted a tad burnt but it was still a durn good pickle.

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